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3 Tips for Surviving Your Blind Date

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There is not doubt that dating is hard work in these crazy modern times.  We all have those friends that are always wanting to set you up with someone they know.  So we wanted to look at should you go out on a blind date and if you do, how to survive on the blind date.


Although being single is fine, and something you should embrace, you might find that all your family and friends that are in couples, will always try to set you up.  The dreaded blind date is something that can make a grown person cringe and recoil in horror.

The only thing worse then, turning up to a blind date, that a close friend or family member has set up, and finding that the  date is hunchback, buck toothed, one legged person that talks about themselves all night long, dressed like a pirate, and refers to themselves as pirate Pete, is finding them attractive.

Being set up for a blind date, can be exhilarating, as I write this at my parents place on holidays, I find out that my parents met 49 years ago, 4 children, 6 grandchildren, ago on a blind date. So can it work ? The answer is YES. should you go out on a blind date, well the answer is maybe.

Here are 3 tips for surviving a Blind date

Does the person who set you up, really know you

If the person who set you up, is a very close friend, then it shouldn’t be a problem, but if its a friend of a friend or someone that is in your life at arms distance, that suggest they know the perfect person for you to meet.  Think again.

Blind dates, can work, if the person that sets them up, know both people, and can see that there is compatible traits between both of the single people.  Two people to date and develop relationship need to  have a few things in common, other than both mutually know the person who set them up.

It helps to break the ice with a perfect stranger if, there are things that they both enjoy or are interested in.  It does’t matter if that Golf, Ice fishing, or are both Game of Thrones or Star trek fans.

Have a safety strategy

Great you’ve been set up on a blind date, sure the person that set you up tells you, what a wonderful person they are.  Its doesn’t matter, the first few times you meet, you should always meet in a public place, and make sure someone knows where you are and who you are with.  Dating and safety go hand in  hand..

Have enough money or phone charge

This tip goes hand in hand with tip 2, when you’re out on that blind date, make sure you have enough money to pay your own way and to make sure you can pay for a cab home, and enough phone charge to call a friend if you need to.

If you single, and want to meet someone, it honestly doesn’t matter how you do that, whether it’s through online dating, or a blind date, or your meet them when you are at a book shop.  But dating should always be something that you enjoy, not something that causes you to break out in a rash from stress induced anxiety.

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