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5 Dating tips that work

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Without dating, we as a species would cease to exist.  With some of the horror stories that we’ve heard about dating, we kinda wonder how we’re still around.  But seriously dating can either be hard work, or something that is fun and enjoyable.

Here’s 5 simple dating tips that might help you be a little more at ease when on that next date.

Have a plan

The worst thing you can do is ask someone out on a date, and have no idea what to do.  Especially if your just starting to date someone.  if you are in the first 3 months of dating, every time you ask someone out on a date, have a plan.

Plan your dates, make sure its something that the other person wants or likes to do, if your date is a vegetarian, don’t take them to the local all your can eat steak house.

By making a plan, shows that you’ve put thought into how you want to spend your time with them.  There is nothing worse than having someone ask you out, and then when you meet them for the date, they ask “so what do you want to do”

Have no expectations

Certainly in the first few dates, have no expectations, other than getting to know the person better.  Do not expect sex on the first date, if you’ve asked the other person out don’t expect them to pay for it.  Having no expectations, will help you to relax, and just enjoy being with the person you’re out with.

Get to know them, dating is suppose to be fun, and about getting to know each other.

Do something unexpected

This dating tip, is a must do in the first few months of dating.  Especially a first date, do something unlikely. do something that is fun. Instead of a going for a boring coffee, or dinner and a movie.  Try something out of the ordinary. try go-kart racing, try paintball, try going to an art exhibition.

If your just starting to date, doing something unexpected, will help you stand out from the crowd.

Don’t tell them to much to soon.

Dating, is essentially a courtship, its about two people getting to know each other, finding  out if their compatible, with hope fully moving forward into a meaningful relationship.

One of the surest ways of ending a date to soon, and killing a potential relationship, is telling them to much too soon.  If your dating someone, don’t start belly aching about the last 3 relationships that you had, or telling them horrific stories from your child hood.

As a dating tip , if you open up to much to soon, you might scare the other person off.

Dress well.

When you date, you are trying to impress the other person enough to try to get them to go out on a second date.  So if you’re a guy, have a shower, and put on some of your best clothes to meet your date.

Going to a nice restaurant, is OK for  a date but if you turn up in singlets and thongs. you might not impress the other person to much.

If you’re a women, turning up with no makeup on, hair in a mess, and last night dinner spilled of your track suit pants, that has juicy written across the arse might not get your the second date.

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