Dating for Dummies


Welcome to Dating Training Wheels, the go to site on the web, for dating for dummies.  Lets be honest for a moment dating in the modern world is bloody hard work.

It doesn’t matter if you are trying dating online, being set up on a blind date or trying your luck by trying to date someone you meet at the Gym.  We all need a little help every now and then.

Dating Training Wheels Can Help You

That’s where we come in, the team behind Dating Training Wheels has been there and done that. So we wan tot be able to share all the tips, tricks and advice that we can to help you navigate the dating world.

What Dating Training Wheels Can’t Do

We can’t perform miracles, if you are single and want to meet and date someone, you need to put yourself out there. That means joining a social club, going online to the many places you can now digitally meet someone.

What To Remember When First Dating

Everyone is nervous. It helps to remember that, so take a deep breath and relax, just enjoy meeting someone new., The worse case is , you might make a new friend.