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Is Online Dating The Right Way To Go

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At the end of the day, we all want to meet someone.  So then, we all ask, is online dating the right way to go.  Which is a bigger question then, Is online dating the right way for you to go ?  Its 2019, people have never been more busy with less chance of seeing someone, that they can get close to, but are able to be more connected then ever before.

Just about everyone these days either has a PC computer at home a laptop or a smartphone that can get internet.

People are increasingly working longer hours, working weekend, or shift work. In the 50’s and 60’s it was more likely to go to a weekly social dance at the local community hall. And your would undoubtedly end up dancing with a number of suitable singles.


That at the end of the night, you might share a walk or a lift home and maybe change contact details and plan something for the follow days or weeks ahead.

These days, it nightclubs with ear splitting music, or the local bar, pub or club, with people hell bent on drinking them selves into oblivion. People are playing less team sports then ever before.
so when you put all of that into context, where do you go to meet someone ? The answer is online.

Where did Online Dating Start

Online dating, started of in the murky back ground of the internet. Where no one ever wanted to admit that they might have date with someone they met online, or even that they where thinking about being online.

How I met your mother actually dedicated a complete episode to meeting someone online.

Online dating sites like eharmony or Plenty of fish, have bought the dating world into your lounge room. you can work a 10 or 12 hour day, and come home have a shower and eat dinner while browsing and connecting online.

It allows single people that were previously isolated, think Fly in fly out miners, to be able to go online in a remote location, and spend some time connecting with like minded people in the area they live in. So when they get home they might have a chance of meeting some one.

Plenty of sites like RSVP also arrange lots of single functions. Dinner for 8 arrange meals out with like minded people, so you can relax and have a meal and drinks with a small intimate group.

So is online dating the right way to go, well it might not be the wright way for you, but it certainly is a good place to start.

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